DJ TIP #1 - Where NOT to seat your grandparents

I'm starting a new blog category called "DJ Tips" and this is the first instalment in the series.

If you're getting married, here's some helpful advice for your reception. Your grandma & grandpa don't want to sit near the DJ. Now your first thought might be "these guys obviously play the music too loud" but that isn't the case with our company. Dinner music needs to be pretty quiet. Your guests want to catch up with family and friends, so the last thing you want is the DJ blaring music during dinner time. That said, your guests on the other side of the hall want a little bit of background music while they enjoy their meal. This makes for a tricky balance so our DJs will walk around the hall during your event to get a gauge on how loud it is throughout the venue.

The older I get (I'm 32 now) the more I appreciate quiet music when I go out with friends or my wife, I want to talk and actually be able to hear my companion while I'm enjoying a nice meal or a beer at the local pub.  It seems as though the older we get the less we like loud music. It must be frustrating for our hard of hearing loved ones when they're trying to have a conversation and the DJ isn't taking that into consideration. Keep this in mind when you design your seating plan because we are always at mercy of the physics of sound. The closer you sit to the speakers, the louder it is.

That said, maybe this guy is your grandpa... thanks for listening.

- Greg