DJ TIP #2 - How To HOLD A Mic

This should probably be DJ tip #1, it's relevant to just about every event I've done in my lifetime. Holding a mic is pretty simple, but a lot of people don't have much experience so here are a few dos and dont's :

  • Do hold the mic with the top facing towards your mouth, like Beyoncé. If you hold it down by your belly the DJ will have to crank the volume very loud, increasing the chance of ear piercing feedback.
  • Don't cup the microphone with your fist. This isn't a local rap show, your voice will be more clear if you don't cup the mic.
  • Don't stand in front of the speakers, it will feedback and cause a harsh noise that will hurt you ears, probably your guests too. You'll get embarrassed!
  • Do project your voice. Preferably like Pavarotti or Beyoncé. Did you say you wanted Single Ladies for your bouquet toss? How appropriate.
  • While you speak, try and look up at your audience, even if it means holding a copy of your speech a little higher.

Now you're ready for showtime. If you've hired the right DJ and you follow these rules, everyone will be able to hear you speak.

- Greg