Photo Booth Details:

•We will require a table for props. Please supply a tablecloth.

•Our booths cannot be set up outside unless you have made special arrangements with us in advance.

•Digital copies of all the photos will be sent via email link soon after your event, usually within a day or two. If you are in a rush, please let us know and we'll provide ASAP.

•Our standard set up will print 2 copies per session. Each session includes 4 photos (see image below). If you would prefer 4x6 prints please contact us.

Dimensions - With pipe and draping, our booth size is flexible. It ranges from:

Minimum: 4.5 X 8 Feet + Prop Table

Max: 4.5 X 11 Feet + Prop Table

Before You Start:

•Decide on whether you want us to add text for you or if you'd like to submit a design (525 x 250 pixels).

•You are required to answer all questions with a *star by the title, others can be skipped.

•We recommend using Chrome or Safari when filling out this form. We do not recommend using Firefox, on Apple machines it has shown to be buggy.